Here are details of the cloud service and on-premises installation subscriptions that we offer. Larger and annual subscriptions are available to purchase via invoice by contacting us. All prices are in US$.

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Cloud service

Our cloud service allows you to get started with Structurizr quickly, without the need to host and update software on your own servers. A free account provides a single workspace, plus the basic features to create diagrams and documentation. Diagrams and documentation owned by free accounts cannot be shared with other users. Our paid subscription provides more workspaces, plus a number of features designed for teams (see the product comparison).

per workspace, per month
(minimum of 5 workspaces)

On-premises installation

We also have a version of Structurizr that can be run on your own infrastructure (local servers or cloud), providing the majority of the same features found in the cloud service. A subscription grants you a perpetual license to use the software on your own infrastructure, although software updates will only be available for the duration of a valid subscription. See On-premises installation for more details. This is designed for installation on a single server, with all workspace data and users being stored on the local file system.

per workspace, per month
(minimum of 5 workspaces)

On-premises add-ons

The authentication add-on provides support for authentication with LDAP and SAML 2.0 - see On-premises installation - Authentication for more details. The high availability add-on provides support for external data storage options (Amazon Web Services S3 and Elasticsearch are currently supported). Both add-ons are provided as a single bundle that's included for free with on-premises subscriptions that have 50 or more workspaces, or for a one-off fee of $2,500.

Please note that the add-ons are bundled into the on-premises installation download, so you will need an active on-premises subscription in order to download them.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a workspace?

In Structurizr, a workspace is the wrapper for your software architecture model, views and supplementary documentation. We recommend that a workspace contains the model, views and documentation for a single software system. See usage recommendations for more details.

2. Do subscriptions belong to users or workspaces?

A subscription belongs to a user account and, for the cloud service, the paid features are associated with the workspace(s) owned by the user who has the subscription. If you transfer a workspace from a paid subscriber to a free user, that workspace will lose the paid features. Subscriptions cannot be transferred between users.

3. Per team pricing, not per user?

Unlike typical software modelling and documentation tools, where the pricing is hundreds/thousands of dollars "per user", Structurizr's pricing is designed to be "per team", for whatever your own definition of a "team" is.

"Per user" licensing tends to result in a common anti-pattern where a small number of people end up being responsible for updating diagrams, with the resulting diagrams often being manually exported to static images for inclusion in documentation or wiki pages. We think that good software architecture diagrams and documentation should be accessible by everybody on the team, rather than just those lucky few individuals who are fortunate enough to have licenses for tooling.

Workspaces owned by a paid customer can be shared with free users, so you only need to purchase one subscription for your team.

4. Is there a free trial of the paid features?

Yes, after signing up for a free account, you can activate a free 14 day trial by using the link on your dashboard. This trial allows you to create up to 5 workspaces and unlocks all of the available features, including the on-premises installation. This is obligation free and no payment details are required. After the trial period, your account will revert back to a free account. We're happy to extend your trial for another 14 days if you get in contact with us, but we will not provide additional trial periods after this.

5. Do you manage credit card details yourself?

No, we use Braintree Payments (a PayPal company).

6. Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

8. What's your refund policy?

  • Payments for cloud subscriptions are refundable within 7 days of the payment date.
  • Payments for on-premises installation subscriptions and add-ons are not refundable - please contact us for an extended trial if necessary before starting your subscription.

9. What happens to workspaces when a paid subscription expires?

Users with a free account can create one workspace so, when your subscription expires, the workspace that you created first will be retained as-is. The other, more recent, workspaces will be retained too, but marked as read-only. You can still view the workspace content (via the UI and web API) but no changes can be made. To make changes to these read-only workspaces, you can either (1) upgrade to a paid plan, or (2) export the workspace as a JSON file, and import it to one of your active workspaces. Any paid features features you were using (e.g. sharing links, iframe embeds, etc) will no longer work.

10. Can we purchase an annual subscription?

Yes, we can provide a non-renewing annual subscription, under the following terms:

Payment methods

  • Credit card via PayPal: Yes.
  • Bank transfer (SWIFT/IBAN or UK): Only available for payment amounts over $1,500.
  • Checks/cheques: No.

Payment terms

  • Cloud service subscriptions: Net 30 - late payments will result in you losing access to our service if the invoice is not paid within 30 days.
  • Existing on-premises subscription (renewals): Net 30 - late payments will result in you losing access to support/updates if the invoice is not paid within 30 days.
  • New on-premises subscriptions: delivery on payment - the licence will be granted once payment has been received.

Please contact with your business name, address, required subscription (cloud service/on-premises; number of workspaces), and purchase order details.

11. Can we purchase via a reseller?

Yes, but we do not provide reseller discounts and some conditions apply. See Help - Resellers for more details.

12. Can you complete our supplier/vendor registration?

We will only complete supplier/vendor registrations for a minimum annual spend of $1,500.

13. Do you have a W9 form?

No, Structurizr Limited is not a US-based company. We do have a W-8BEN-E though, please e-mail us for a copy.

14. Do you have a VAT number?

No, Structurizr Limited is registered in Jersey (Channel Islands), so we do not have a UK/EU VAT number.

15. Can we alter the terms and conditions, or use our own contract?

We're a small self-funded company selling low cost commodity software, and we are unable to accommodate client-specific terms and conditions at this time.