The Structurizr DSL (as mentioned on the ThoughtWorks Tech Radar) allows you to create multiple diagrams based upon the C4 model, in multiple output formats, from a single DSL source file.
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workspace "Getting Started" "This is a model of my software system." { model { user = person "User" "A user of my software system." softwareSystem = softwareSystem "Software System" "My software system." user -> softwareSystem "Uses" } views { systemContext softwareSystem "SystemContext" "An example of a System Context diagram." { include * autoLayout } styles { element "Software System" { background #1168bd color #ffffff } element "Person" { shape person background #08427b color #ffffff } } } }

DSL language reference | Structurizr CLI | Examples: Getting Started - Amazon Web Services - Big Bank plc
(features unavailable on this demo page: !include, !docs, !adrs, icons, zoom-in diagram navigation)

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