The Structurizr renderer is available in a number of versions, covering different usage scenarios.


This free version of Structurizr provides a way to quickly view diagrams, documentation, and architecture decision records.

(free; no sign up required)

Cloud service

Our cloud service allows you to get started with Structurizr quickly, without needing to host and update software on your own servers.

(free and paid)


We also have a version of Structurizr that can be run on your own infrastructure (local servers or cloud), providing the majority of the same features found in the cloud service.


Which product?

I want to create diagrams and export them as static PNG files.
  • Lite
  • Cloud service
I want to store my diagrams/documentation in version control, and allow other developers to view this offline.
  • Lite
I want to publish diagrams/documentation for other people to view.
  • Lite (open access)
  • Cloud service (role-based access)
  • On-premises installation (role-based access)
I want to publish diagrams/documentation for other people to view, but I'm concerned about data security/confidentiality.
  • Cloud service (with client-side encryption enabled)
  • On-premises installation


A workspace is the wrapper for your software architecture model, views and supplementary documentation.
1 1
(API and storage limitations apply)
5+ 5+
Sharing link
Share your workspace using a read-only URL.
Role-based access
Share your workspace with team members, using role-based security.
Restrict access by IP address
Configure allowed IP addresses for extra security.
Client-side encryption
Encrypt workspaces before uploading via the cloud API, and decrypt them in your browser using your own passphrase (example).
Workspace versioning
Recent versions of your workspace are retained.
Full-text search
Search for diagrams and documentation across all workspaces.
C4 model diagrams (core and supplementary).
Lightweight supplementary documentation using Markdown or AsciiDoc to complement the software architecture diagrams.
Decision log
Supplement the architecture model with a log of the key decisions (e.g. architecture decision records).
Alternative, automatic visualisations that can be used to explore the software architecture model.
Graph only
PNG/SVG export
Export diagrams (and their key/legend) to PNG/SVG files.
iframe embed
Embed diagrams and explorations in web pages using a HTML iframe.
Image embed
Embed diagrams in web pages using an automatically generated PNG image.
Offline HTML export
Export diagrams and documentaion to a single HTML page, for offline use.
Atlassian Confluence
Embed diagrams in wiki pages using the Atlassian Confluence macros.
Perform a full-text search across a workspace using a slash command.
Integration with LDAP and SAML 2.0
Integrate Structurizr with your identity provider.
(via paid add-on)
Priority support
Priority support (Monday to Friday; UK time).
1 working day
via our Zendesk widget
1 working day
via our Zendesk widget