We can provide a cloud service subscription via a reseller under the following conditions:

  • The minimum subscription period is one year (monthly subscriptions cannot be purchased via a reseller).
  • We do not provide any reseller discounts.
  • Payment terms: Net0 - Delivery on payment. Subscriptions will be assigned once payment has been received.
  • Payment methods:
    • Credit card via PayPal: Yes.
    • Bank transfer (SWIFT/IBAN or UK): Only available for payment amounts over $1,500.
    • Checks/cheques: No.
  • We will need to know the e-mail address of the Structurizr user (your customer) that the subscription will be granted to; they will need to sign up via if they are not yet registered.
  • We do not send reminders when subscriptions are due to expire. If you would like to renew the subscription, please contact us before it expires to avoid any disruption.
  • All subscription allocation is undertaken by Structurizr Limited - resellers have no ability to do this on our behalf.

per workspace, per year
(minimum of 5 workspaces)

To make a purchase

Please contact with your business name, address, and any purchase order details. We also need to know the e-mail address of your customer that the subscription should be granted to.

Company details

  • Name: Structurizr Limited
  • Registered address: Richmond House, 8 David Place, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4TD
  • Telephone: n/a
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Company number: 119549 (registration details)
  • VAT number: Structurizr Limited is registered in Jersey, Channel Islands, and does not have a UK/EU VAT number.