You'll find our documentation below, and when requesting any support, please include:

  1. A short and precise description of what you're trying to do, and the question/problem.
  2. Some context (e.g. your workspace ID, the URL of the page where you are having problems, whether you're using the cloud service or on-premises installation, client library or browser-based workspace editor, etc).

Client library support

Please ensure that you are using the latest release, and then raise an issue on the appropriate GitHub project:

Please note that some of the client libraries are not supported by Structurizr Limited, and may not be full-featured.

Paid support for the cloud service/on-premises installation

Use the help widget at the bottom right of this page, your dashboard, or a workspace summary page, to get in touch and raise a support ticket (you will need to sign in first).

Free support for the cloud service/on-premises installation

Please ask a question on the Google Group, the Slack group, or e-mail us.