Workspace editor

July 2021: The workspace editor (the browser-based UI for creating software architecture models) is being discontinued. It will be available for free accounts until 30th September 2021, and for paid subscriptions until 28th February 2022. We recommend converting your workspace to the Structurizr DSL format. A DSL representation of your workspace (excluding documentation) can be found on the DSL tab when you open the workspace editor.

Although not shown on your workspace summary page, the URL for the workspace editor is of the form,, where XXXXX is your workspace ID.

DSL export in workspace editor

What is the Structurizr DSL?

The Structurizr DSL is a text-based language that can be used to define a software architecture model and views. It supports the same concepts that you're already familiar with, but is much more powerful than the graphical workspace editor. The DSL can be used with:

  1. The online DSL editor (via the link on your workspace summary page).
  2. The Structurizr CLI (a command line utility for working with the DSL).
  3. Structurizr Lite (a free Docker-based version of Structurizr, designed to work with the DSL).

Options 2 & 3 are our recommended approach - see Help - DSL and Structurizr Lite for more.

Migrating to the Structurizr DSL

If you don't want to use external tooling (option 1, above), the easiest way to migrate to the Structurizr DSL is:

  1. Copy the DSL shown on the "DSL" tab of your workspace editor page.
  2. Open the DSL editor (via the link on the left of your workspace summary page).
  3. Paste the DSL into the textbox on the left.
  4. Click the "Render" button.
  5. If everything looks okay (your diagram layouts should be retained), click the "Save workspace" button.

At this point, the DSL will be saved on our cloud service/your on-premises installation. Changes to your workspace should now be made via the DSL editor. Please note that, once you have done the above, any modifications done in the workspace editor will not be reflected in the DSL you see via the DSL editor, so we recommend not using the workspace editor after you perform the above steps.