Image embed

The recommended way to embed diagrams in documentation is to use the interactive iframe embed, although HTML is often not permitted in all wikis that use Markdown or AsciiDoc, for example. For this reason, Structurizr also provides a way to "publish" all of the diagrams in your workspace to a PNG format, which can then be included in your documentation using regular image tags.

Cloud service paid feature

Interactive iframe embed

Static PNG embed

PNG version of a diagram

This feature is only available for:

  • Public workspaces.
  • Private workspaces with the sharing link enabled.

Please note that this feature is not available for client-side encrypted workspaces and workspaces with IP address restrictions, because we are unable to view your diagrams, and convert them to PNG files.

Viewing/deleting published images

Click the " Published images" link on the workspace summary page to see the images have been published (and are available to embed) from that workspace.

For the cloud service, changing the workspace visibility (public/private) or enabling/disabling the sharing link will automatically delete any published images.

Publishing PNG images

PNG images for cloud service workspaces are published automatically by a scheduled job running every 5-10 minutes that checks for recently updated workspaces. To force your diagrams to be published by the next scheduled job, you can push a new version of your workspace or make a change and save your workspace. Images will not be immediately available, but they should appear within 10-15 minutes.

PNG images for an on-premises installation can be manually published at any time, by clicking the (PNG export) button in the diagram viewer, and then the button. This button will only appear when you are viewing the diagrams via a /workspace URL (rather than a /share URL).