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System Landscape diagram | Dynamic diagram | Deployment diagram


Structurizr allows you to create a number of different diagram types, focused around static structure at different levels of detail, dynamic behaviour and deployment.

System Landscape diagram

System Landscape diagrams

System Context diagram

System Context diagrams

Container diagram

Container diagrams

Component diagram

Component diagrams

Dynamic diagram

Dynamic diagrams

Deployment diagram

Deployment diagrams


While viewing a diagram, you can:

  • Open the diagram key/legend, which is automatically generated for you.
  • Toggle tooltips, to show you additional information about the element or relationship under the mouse pointer.
  • Start presentation mode.
  • Get the HTML code to embed the diagram in web pages, wiki pages, etc (Atlassian Confluence macros are also available).
  • Export the diagram and key/legend to PNG (suitable for printing, inserting into slides, etc).
  • Export the diagram and key/legend to SVG.
  • Export all diagrams to a single HTML page, for offline use.

Diagram key/legend

A diagram key/legend is created automatically, based upon the styles in the workspace.


A collection of diagrams can be navigated in a number of ways:

  • Select a diagram from the thumbnails on the left of the page.
  • Press the Up/Down or Left/Right cursor keys to move to the previous/next diagram.
  • Double-click on an element with a + symbol to open the first diagram at the next level of detail (e.g. a container diagram for a software system).
  • Double-click on an element with a # symbol to open the URL associated that element/relationship.
  • Press the Space key to open the quick navigation dialog; use the Up/Down cursor keys to select a diagram, or start typing to find a specific diagram. Press the Enter key to navigate to the selected diagram.

Quick navigation

The quick navigation dialog lets you easily navigate a large collection of diagrams.

This is a live embedded diagram showing the system landscape from the "Big Bank plc - System Landscape" workspace. Double-click the "Internet Banking System" and you'll be taken to the workspace/diagrams for the "Internet Banking System".

And this embed allows you to view all diagrams from the "Big Bank plc - Internet Banking System" workspace. Double-click the "Internet Banking System" and you'll be taken to its container diagram. Alternatively, you can change diagrams using the dropdown list at the top of the embed.