Workspace security

Each workspace in Structurizr (the cloud version) is owned by a single user, which is the person who originally created the workspace. The workspace owner can share a workspace with other people, using a simple role-based access mechanism.

Please note that this doesn't apply to workspaces owned by users on the Free or Personal Plans, which don't allow workspace sharing.

Workspace roles

There are three different roles that can be associated with users when they have access to a workspace, as indicated by a label on your dashboard.

  • Owner This is the person who owns, and originally created, the workspace. At the moment, the owner of a workspace cannot be changed, although this is a feature that may be added in the future.
  • Read/Write This allows a user to view and modify the contents of the workspace. This includes changing and saving the diagram layout, plus uploading new versions of the workspace via the web API.
  • Read-Only This allows a user to only view the workspace. The API key/secret pair isn't accessible and diagrams are not editable.

Who has access to my workspace?

Your dashboard will also indicate the number of users who have access to your workspace. For example, Owner 3 indicates there are 3 users with access to the workspace.

Clicking the label will take you to a page that lists all of the users who have access to your workspace.

Adding a user

Underneath the list of users is a form where you can add a user to your workspace.

Adding a user to a workspace

To add a user to a workspace, simply enter their e-mail address, choose their role and click the Add button. Please note, the e-mail address must represent a registered Structurizr user.

Changing a role or removing a user

When viewing the list of users who have access to your workspace, to change a user's role or remove them from the workspace, simply change the role in the dropdown list next to that user's e-mail address and click the Update button. Again, only the workspace owner has the ability to do this.