Remote workspaces

The remote workspace feature provides a way to share a read-only workspace by hosting the workspace definition inside your corporate firewall. For example, somebody on the team could be tasked with keeping the software architecture model up to date, using the local storage feature to avoid uploading it to the cloud. The model could then be exported from local storage and saved on an internal web server, git repository, etc. The remote workspace feature can then be used to share the workspace with other team members.

Using remote workspaces

To use the remote workspaces feature, you first need to upload an empty workspace with a source URL specified. For example, with Java:

Workspace workspace = new Workspace("Name", "Description");

StructurizrClient structurizrClient = new StructurizrClient("key", "secret");
structurizrClient.putWorkspace(1234, workspace);

When you open this workspace in Structurizr, the content at the source URL will be loaded client-side from your web browser. Please note that this feature will not work when accessing public workspaces via their public URL.