Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you don't see an answer you are looking for, please get in touch.

Can the on-premises version of Structurizr be installed on public cloud IaaS and PaaS services?

The on-premises version is designed to run inside a trusted network environment, but some of our customers have installed it on environments such as the public Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure clouds. Please ensure that you consider the security implications of doing this, and that you harden any servers and restrict access where appropriate.

Can I install the on-premises version more than once?

No, the license covers a single installation.

Can the on-premises installation be clustered for high availability?

Our on-premises installation add-ons allow for installation on multiple servers for high availability, with a number of options for data storage (e.g. MySQL + Amazon S3 + Elasticsearch). Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Does the on-premises installation require an Internet connection?

No, the on-premises installation runs completely disconnected from the Internet. Furthermore, it doesn't make any requests to the Internet if there is an Internet connection (e.g. to check for updates).

Does the on-premises installation automatically update itself?

There is no auto-update mechanism, so new versions of the Structurizr on-premises installation need to be applied manually. The cloud service and on-premises installation share a common codebase, so any updates made to the cloud service are immediately available in the on-premises installation. To update, download a new version of the .war file, overwrite the existing version and restart your web/application server.