Authentication with Azure Active Directory

Here are some basic instructions for integration with Azure Active Directory. In this example, the Structurizr on-premises installation was running at http://localhost:7080.

1. Register the Structurizr on-premises installation

Create an Azure "enterprise application" to represent the Structurizr on-premises installation. Choose the "Integrate with any other application you don't find in the gallery" option.

Creating an enterprise application

After creation, change the single sign-on method to SAML.

Enable SAML single sign-on

The "identifier" you use here should be set as the structurizr.saml.entityId property in your file. And the "reply URL" should be set to http://localhost:7080/saml/SSO.

Download IdP metadata

2. Download IdP metadata

Download the IdP metadata from the "App Federation Metadata URL" link, saving this as saml-idp-metadata.xml in your Structurizr data directory.

Download IdP metadata