Local storage

For cloud-based workspaces, the JSON representation of your workspace is stored on our servers. If you would rather not upload your software architecture model to our servers, you can use the local storage feature to retain all of your data in your local web browser. This is also useful for quickly opening a workspace without uploading it via the web API, or for sharing workspace JSON files with colleagues.

Using local storage

To use the local storage feature, click the Create a new local workspace link on your dashboard, and then use the button on your dashboard to import a JSON file. This only imports the JSON into the web browser's local storage area, no data is uploaded to our servers. You can then proceed to modify the diagrams, view documentation, explore the model etc as usual.

The workspace can be removed from local storage by clicking the button on your dashboard.

Modifying diagrams

If you modify the diagram layout of a workspace that you've imported into local storage, clicking the button will save the modified workspace back to local storage.

Exporting the JSON

Should you need to export the JSON, perhaps to save it to local disk after modifying the diagram layout, simply click the button when viewing the diagrams/documentation/etc in a workspace and you will be able to access the raw JSON.