Dynamic diagrams

In addition to the static diagrams, Structurizr also supports the creation of a simple dynamic diagram, which can be useful when you want to show how elements in a static model collaborate at runtime to implement a user story, use case, feature, etc.

The dynamic diagram in Structurizr is based upon a UML communication diagram (previously known as a "UML collaboration diagram"). This is similar to a UML sequence diagram although it allows a free-form arrangement of diagram elements with numbered interactions to indicate ordering.


As illustrated by the examples below, the interactions can be animated, and the buttons are as follows:

  • Step animation backward.
  • Play animation.
  • Stop animation.
  • Step animation forward.


Sequential interactions

This example diagram shows how the "View list of vets" feature works in the Spring PetClinic.

Parallel interations

This example diagram shows a fictional asynchronous message-based system and how messages are sent/received in parallel.