Diagram navigation

There are several ways that you can navigate a collection of diagrams, using keyboard shortcuts, or by double-clicking diagram elements.

Double-clicking elements

You can double-click diagram elements to either "zoom-in" and navigate to the next level of detail, open associated documentation/decisions, or open the resource that is configured by the element's url property. When an element has a mix of "zoom-ins", documentation, decsions, and URLs, double-clicking the element will open a modal from which you can choose where to go next.


Elements with a zoom-in are marked with a symbol.

  • Software System: Double-clicking a software system will either take you to the System Context or Container diagram for that software system, if one exists.
  • Container: Double-clicking a container will take you to the first Component diagram for that container, if one exists.


Elements with documentation are marked with a symbol.


Elements with decisions are marked with a symbol.


Elements with an associated URL are marked with a symbol. Double-clicking with the Alt key pressed will open the URL.

URLs must be valid HTTP/HTTPS URLs (e.g. https://structurizr.com), or they can refer to diagrams, documentation, and decisions in the same workspace with a syntax of {workspace}/diagrams, {workspace}/documentation, and {workspace}/decisions respectively. For example, a URL of {workspace}/diagrams#key will be rewritten to something like /workspace/123456/diagrams#key, based upon whether the workspace is hosted by Structurizr Lite, the cloud service, or an on-premises installation, plus whether the workspace is public, private, or accessible via a sharing link.

Double-clicking relationships

You can double-click relationships (hold the Alt key while in the diagram editor) to open the resource that is configured by the relationship's url property. This is indicated by a symbol.