In Structurizr, a workspace is the wrapper for your software architecture model, views, and supplementary documentation. We recommend that a workspace contains the model, views and documentation for a single software system.

The basic Structurizr concepts


This is the definition of the software architecture model, consisting of people, software systems, containers, components and code elements, plus the relationships between them. The model can be created by manually specifying model elements, or using static analysis and reflection techniques, if supported by the client library you are using.


This is the definition of the system landscape, system context, container, component, dynamic and deployment views of the software architecture model. Each view is rendered by Structurizr as a diagram, with the client libraries providing control over which elements are included in the resulting diagram. Styling information (colours, shapes, font sizes, etc) is also included here.


This is a collection of content in Markdown or AsciiDoc (and accompanying images) that represents supplementary technical documentation and/or architecture decision records. Structurizr diagrams can be embedded into the documentation sections too.