Automatic layout

Diagrams can have automatic layout enabled, and this is specified when authoring your workspace, irrespective of whether you're using the Structurizr DSL (autolayout keyword) or one of the code-based client libraries.

Please note that you will need to install Graphviz on your server if using the on-premises installation.

Automatic layout enabled

When editing a view that has automatic layout enabled, you will see a message that says diagram not editable; automatic layout enabled, fewer toolbar buttons, and the diagram elements will be locked in place and cannot be moved. If the automatic layout doesn't provide good results, you can disable it for the view and revert to manual layout mode to have complete control over the diagram layout.

Automatic layout not enabled

When automatic layout is not enabled for a view, you are still able to manually initiate the automatic layout function. To do this, click the button in the diagram editor to open the auto-layout modal. This allows you to choose the auto-layout implementation, and to customise the various properties that are used when applying the algorithm. Diagram elements are still movable manually after running auto-layout.