Atlassian Confluence

There are two ways to integrate diagrams from a Structurizr workspace into Atlassian Confluence.

Paid feature (not available with the free version)

HTML macro

The first is to use the built-in HTML Macro, although this needs to be enabled by an administrator on your Confluence installation. To embed a diagram, use the HTML embed code, which you can find by clicking the button while viewing the diagram you would like to embed.

Structurizr macros

The second approach is to use the Atlassian Confluence macros that have been built specifically to embed diagrams from Structurizr. The macros can be installed via the Atlassian Marketplace, and are available for both Confluence Cloud and Server. When editing a page, type {structurizr or /structurizr (depending on the Confluence version) to insert the macro into your page.

Structurizr workspace embed macro

Confluence Data Center

Please note that we do not have a dedicated version of the macro for installation on Confluence Data Center, predominantly due to the non-trivial certification process that plugins need to go through. Since the macros only generate HTML, they will work in a clustered environment. If the macros are unavailable to install via the Atlassian Marketplace, you can build/install your own version from GitHub.

Source code

The source code for the Confluence macros is open source and available on GitHub, should you want to review, customise or install them without using the Atlassian Marketplace.


When using the Structurizr macros for Atlassian Server or Cloud, none of the data you provide to the macros is stored by us.