Structurizr allows you to define an animation for a view, consisting of a number of steps where elements and/or relationships are displayed. As with presentation tools like Microsoft PowerPoint, the animation feature allows you to reveal parts of the diagram to help tell a story.

  • System context, container, component, deployment, and custom views: the animation is element based.
  • Dynamic views: the animation is relationship based.

Animated static structure diagram

An animated static structure diagram.

Animated dynamic structure diagram

An animated dynamic (collaboration) diagram.

Animation - step 1

Step 1

Animation - step 2

Step 2

Animation - step 3

Step 3

Animation - step 4

Step 4


As illustrated by the example below, the buttons are as follows:

  • Step backward.
  • Play animation.
  • Stop animation.
  • Step forward.


This is the System Context diagram for the Big Bank plc Internet Banking System example, and the animation allows you to describe the diagram one element at a time.